What is the need of URL Shortening Service?

Need of URL Shortening or Shrinking Service Before getting into the topic of "What is the need of URL Shortening Service?" Let's know about URL first... What is the URL? What it stands for? URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator". URL is completely different from Domain Name, A Domain Name can be a URL but all the URLs are not the Domain Names. In simple words, a URL is an Internet Address for a piece of particular information. Let me explain with an example, If we want to post a letter to someone, we need their complete address so that it gets delivered to their home, similarly in order to access particular information on the web, we need an address that's where a URL comes in role with. I hope you got a little idea on URL and what is it exactly. However, you have to know furthermore information related to it. In some cases, URLs are very long enough so that they can't be remembered easily and can't be shared even. In such cases what comes to your mind. Moreover, social networking sites like twitter allows only a few characters to post there, so-called tweet. In such cases too you can't use a Long URL that eats up space. There comes the need for URL Shortening Service or We can also say URL Shrinking Service. Benefits of URL Shortening Service Easy to Remeber: URLs that are short in size can be easily remembered. There is no need to get worried after looking at a long URL, just convert it into a short one with the help of URL Shortening Service and remember it. That's it. Easy to Share: Short URLs can be shared with anyone with ease. In order to share a long URL one has to copy and paste it, this is not the case with a short URL as you can type it down. Aids in Social Network Postings: With the help of Short URLs one can easily post information on Social Networks and share it to much extent. This service is extremely useful in character limited posts like tweets on Twitter, posts in Reddit etc.. Normal Messaging App in our phones allows only 160 characters to send as SMS, in such cases also URL Shortening Service plays a vital role. There are many more benefits of URL Shortening Service or Shrinking Service just like Tracking clicks, Geo-Targeting, Custom Alias etc., however, it depends on the service you choose to shorten your long URL. What we discussed in this post are the common benefits of URL Shorteners. In our next post, we will discuss the advanced features of our URL Shortening Service and compare them with others.

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