URL Shortening & It's Significance

Zaheer Ahmed Shaik
Zaheer Ahmed Shaik Published on November 14, 2022

URL Shortening or Shrinking


URL shortening, also known as link shortening, is usually a process in which a long URL i.e., long website link is converted to a short URL i.e., short link. The destination of either the long URL or the short URL will remain the same.

Let me explain you with an example, a YouTube channel of eInfoDesk

If you click on any of the above link, the result of both the links will be same, i.e., a youtube channel page of eInfoDesk will be opened.

In this way, long URLs are converted to short ones with the help of URL shortening service just like ours i.e., Ultimate URL Shortener.


Signigicance Of URL Shortening In Daily Life


  • Short and Easy: The shortened URLs are relatively short when compared to the original long URL. These shortened URLs are easy to remeber and are easy to share. Some social networking websites like twitter limit the characters to post i.e., you are allowed only a total of 160 characters in a tweet, in such cases if you want to share a link, then it consume the limit, in such cases the shortened URL plays a vital role. Not only social netwroking sites but also general message service (i.e., SMS) allows only 160 characters in a single sms, in that case also shortened links play a vital role.
  • Bookmarking: In general if we come accross any content which is important one then we will save that content which is officially called as bookmarking. Similarly, in this scenario, when we come accross any website link that is very interesting to read or share, or if you want the link to be saved for future use, then you can use URL shortening service to shorten that URL and keep it safe in our own account. The links or URLs that you shortened using our sevice i.e., Ultimate URL Shortener will remain forever in your account. You can refer those shortened links anytime and from anywhere. Thus, in this way you can bookmark the website links in your account.
  • Desired Name in URL: In general, if anyone wants to save anything in their mind then they will denote it with some name to memorize and remember it. In the same way, if anyone wants to save the link permanently in their mind then the link can be shortened with a desired name using the feature of custom alias. The shortened link generated for the long URL will have your desired name in the link. The only thing we have to remeber here is there should be no spaces or any other caharacters in the desired name i.e., in custom alias field.